Thursday, 14 November 2013

Average day

The exertion of climbing the stairs to go for a wash resulted in a long sit down on the loo with a plastic bowl. Would have filled the bowl, but there wasn't enough inside me to do so. You probably didn't need to know that, but I felt I should tell you to give you an understanding of how bad things have got.

Fairly quiet day, my brother rang for a chat. I love being in touch with everybody, but chatting use up oxygen so I had to have a rest after the call. I had my laptop out to clear my emails. I was going to write some Auto Biography, but I was knackered so I watched an Elvis Costello documentary instead.

So I dozed most of the afternoon, had some risotto for tea and then visiting time started. The Kings turned up to do some removals, I have a hospital bed coming tomorrow. Then Andy looked in, really good to see him, than Lauren and Ian turned up. Was nice to have it busy, it meant I didn't have to say much and it keeps me busy.
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