Friday, 31 August 2012

Much better today

Well, taking it easy and keeping hydrated has worked.  Much better today, feel almost normal. 

As a result I have been busy this morning.  The district nurse came and flushed my picc line and changed the dressing.  She was amazed at how positive I am about it (she didnt' see me earlier in the week :-)).  I still believe there is no point being anything other than positive about it, even when it's getting me down.  The Chemotherapy and my attitude are going to beat it.  I am going to win.

After the nurse had been I popped out and bought a new radiator fan switch for the Polo and fitted it.  The new one still doesn't cut in until 110C, so that must be when they are supposed to cut in.  I am going to fit a manual over ride switch on the dash so I can turn the fan on as soon as the temp goes above normal.  Went to Maplins and bought a gorgeous chrome switch with a blue LED in the end to show it's on.  Was going to wire it up this afternoon, but I will see how it goes as I will need cable and I am not sure I feel like more shopping.

Sharon and Lauren have a haircut in Cambridge tomorrow, think I might go with them.  Don't need a haircut, but a trip out would be fun, and they won't make me drive, so I can sleep in the car if I need to.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Chicken Paella

Feeling a bit brighter. Sharon has been at work all day. So I thought I would cook.
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Quiet few days

Haven't posted since Monday.  Have been having a quiet few days.  I've been very tired and lacking the enthusiasm to do anything.  So I've slept a lot and not done much.

I did go to see my GP on Tuesday.  She gave me a great explanation of how the anti-nausea drugs work.  Basically one of them is neurological and stops me thinking I will be sick, the other works in my stomach and stops me from being sick.  If it's really bad take both, if it's marginal just take the physical one.  Much happier now.

She also agreed with me on the blood pressure problem.  The chemo drugs put my blood pressure up, the steroids that go with the chemo put my blood pressure up and the over hydration from the drips put my blood pressure up.  So we are sticking with the increased dose of Lisinopril, that brings my blood pressure down.  She also suggested I get my own blood pressure machine and for £20 I got one from Argos that is the same as the one she has on her desk.  I need to get a reasonable understanding of what my normal blood pressure is so we can decide if the dose needs to stay  as high after the chemo finishes.  So Iam not going mad, but measuring a couple of times a day.

Haven't done much else.  Concentrating is really difficult, so cant do anything difficult anyway.  Hopefully sleep and rest will clean the system out and I will feel better next week before round 3.   Waiting to hear about another heart echo scan, so that will probably take up a day next week.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Not a bad day.

Off to a reasonable start. Felt very bunged up and heady, struggling to concentrate, so just pottered on t'internet and doing not very much. Walked over to see Mum and the fresh air did me good. Wore my new hat as it was raining.

Sharon and I popped over too see Andy and Cheryl for a cup of tea. I don't feel like I have seen Cheryl for ages. Really nice to catch up and it gave the Polo a run. I giggled driving it, the new suspension is just great.

Went out with Sharon and Luckydog. Lucky has gone home now, I am missing him already. The walk and my Filograstin injection were the last straw and I had to have half an hours nap on the sofa.

Not a good day, but not a bad one either. I'll see how it goes tomorrow.
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fantastic Day

Cheered up a huge amount. You wouldn't believe how a few simple things like good friends, family and a bowel movement can change your mood.

Simon sorted out the Polo suspension for me, against all odds. Everything was seized or broken, but it is up and running now. My brother and Lesley turned up for lunch and a chat, with an Olney hats green felt crushable Fedora to keep the sun and rain off when my hair all falls out. I had a lengthy txt conversation with my nephew, Josh, and my bowels are back to normalish after all the chemo drugs. Don't worry Josh, no connection between you and my bowels.

Managed to keep going all day, feeling it now, hopefully I will sleep through the night.

So, thanks Simon for your time and expertise, thanks Norman for the hat (and being there) and thanks to everyone else for the support and love in what are hard times for us here.
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I think I missed a day

Not sure I got round to posting yesterday, wasn't because I was busy! I was tired for most of it, fell asleep in front of a James Bond film. Also did my mums shopping, with lots of help from Sharon, and we went to see Lauren and Ian for tea.

Feeling a lot brighter today. Taking the Polobanger to see Simon for its suspension fix. I might be fit enough to take the wheeltrims off. He will have to do the rest. Then my brother is coming for lunch, will be nice to see him. BTCC on ITV4 all day as well. And at the moment, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Happy Days.
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Friday, 24 August 2012

Very tired

Well the steroids from yesterday afternoon did kick in.  Finally got to sleep about 3:30 am, woke for a bit at 6:30ish when Lucky wanted to go out and then got up at 8:30 because the district nurse is due between 9:00 and 12:00, no sign of her yet.  As a result I am feeling quite down and very tired.  The site of the 9 tablets I had to take this morning reduced me to tears, it just seems to be a massive cocktail of drugs and poisons at the moment.  I used to joke that life was a delicately balanced cocktail of caffeine and alcohol, at the moment it all looks a much more complicated balance of drugs.

On the positive side, the new Blackberry is due between 11:00 and 15:00.  Unfortunately it is being delivered by UKMail, who couldn't find me a couple of weeks ago.  Lets hope its the same driver and he remembers where we are. A couple of hours should have it up and running with all the relevant apps, diary synchronised and all contacts in. 

The steroid dose backs off a bit today, so I might get some sleep tonight.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gave in

Had to have some anti-nausea drugs about 4:00 pm, was in danger of seeing lunch again.  They did the job and tea was great.  Sharon whipped up a chicken risotto, just the job with strawberries and ice cream.  Eat what you fancy they said.

Also gave into the sleep demon and had a kip on the sofa for about an hour before tea.  Wanted to keep going in the hope that I would sleep tonight.  I think the 2nd dose of steroids have kicked in though and I am going to be buzzing at 3:00 am again. 

The Coolest Dog In The World

Lucky is here, you can't beat a bit of pet therapy.  If you locked your wife and your dog in the car for 20 minutes which one would lick you and want attention when you let them out?   I will leave mine on the sofa.

Feeling OK today.  Went to bed about 10:00 pm and slept through until 3:00 am.  Then the chemicals started again, needed to hydrate which then results in needing to empty, so up on the hour every hour through til 8:00, when I gave in and got up.  Since then I have eaten breakfast, taken my dose of tablets, cleared up my emails and walked to the bottom of the garden and back.   Not taken any anti-nausea drugs today, planning to see how it goes, just about to have some lunch.  Baguette, polish sausage and some left over new potatoes.  Weird combination, but that's what's here and I fancy.

Will have to pop out this afternoon to see my mum and fill up her pill box, everyone else is on holiday!  Not planning to do much else though.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Getting excited

Looks like everything is on target for getting out of here about 6:30 pm tonight (Yipee!).

Had a good chat with one of my consultants team of doctors this afternoon.  She is trimming down my affair with VinChristine the Chemo Queen.  It seems the extract of periwinkle is killing the nerve endings in my fingers, so after some discussion we decided to cut out the top up doses. She also explained why my blood pressure is going up, to use engineering terms it seems my ignition stroke is stronger than my exhaust.  This combined with the impact of the chemo drugs on my heart causes the pressure to rise.  I am much happier now I have an explanation as well as a strategy for managing it.  Wasn't too happy with them just increasing the blood pressure drug dosage without telling me what was causing it.  It's the analyst/scientist/engineer/computer person in me, don't fix problems because you can without knowing why, fix problems you understand.  It seemed to me they were increasing the dosage because they could, not because they knew the cause and were working to remove it.

Nothing to do with chemo, but it's the view from where Lauren and Ian had dinner last night. Cheered me up.

Happier today

Much better nights sleep, anti-nausea drugs doing a slightly better job.  Managed to eat some breakfast and drink some coffee.  Been through my emails/facebook/twitter and want to say thanks to everyone for the support yesterday.  Really missing my blackberry, new one is scheduled for delivery Friday. 

All going to schedule, I should be out of here by 6:30 this evening, back in my own home with Sharon.  Your own bed and a good hug can make so much difference.  Planning to spend a chunk of Thursday on the sofa with Sharon and Luckydog.  That should refill the happy reservoir.

Lauren and Ian are having a great time in Cornwall.  I really love the fact that they enjoy the simple things as well as the sophisticated.  Yesterday they went walking on the beach in the rain, rock pooling, Ian caught some fish, and then had dinner on a terrace overlooking Trevaunce Cove.  Cornwall is going on the flipchart of things to do when Chemo/Radio therapy is over and I am well again.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Not a good day

The nausea levels are up.  The food is awful and my blood pressure is up. Only got about 6 hours sleep because of the drip changes and other disturbances.  So all in all a pretty crap day so far.  Just had a doctor round who wants to change my blood pressure medication to see if they can get my blood pressure down to normal levels.  I am already on the full wack of anti-nausea medication, so I have to just grin and bear it.  The doctor tells me it will get worse as the chemo cycles go on.   This is the first time I have felt down about it.  Hopefully I will get out of here tomorrow and the joy and comfort of my own home, getting my blackberry sorted and having the Lucky dog visit for the weekend will cheer me up.  Lucky is the coolest dog in the world.  Cant find any pictures of him on the netbook and can't connect the blackberry to get one off of it.  So you just need to imagine white and dark brown corgi who is just cool.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Night Night

Well cycle 2 got under way about 2:30 pm.  Ali's Dad should be proud of her, once the chemicals arrived she went out of her way to get everything going.  Able assistance was provided by the lovely Gary, but he is just a bit too cheeky, how could any one stick their head round the door and tell me to behave before they went home!  Anybody would think I was trouble. 

The yellow one and the red one are in, the Mesna has just gone in and the hours wait is underway before the one that goes on all night goes on.   Hopefully the night staff will be on the ball and everything will go quickly.

Night Night readers.

Cycle 2

Arrived at The Churchill Hospital at 8:35, walked up to the ward for just befre 9:00 as I had been told a 9:00 start.  Ali was back looking after me, same as cycle 1. She took me to a bed and said she would let me know as soon as we were ready to start.   Well it is is now 13:15 and nothing has happened.  I chased Ali down the corridor about 11:15, after I had sent Sharon away and sat and read for a couple of hours.  She says there has been a hold up making the chemo drugs and they are now due for delivery around 14:00. 

The whole point of the early start on the Monday was to see if I could get out at a reasonable time on the Wednesday, that doesn't seem possible now.  Ali is very apologetic, I don't think it is her fault though.   I am now pretty fed up, which makes staying positive more difficult. 

I spent some time this morning working out how long I have spent waiting for consultants, drugs, doctors and nurses.  That was too depressing, but lets just say I could have spent another whole day doing things I enjoy.  If it carries on like this through all 6 cycles the NHS will owe me 6 days.  I wonder if I can get a NI rebate for it?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's Working!!!!

Had a great day today. I decided I definitely needed to do something interesting before going back into hospital for 3 days to start cycle 2 of the chemotherapy.  So Lauren, Sharon, Ian and I went to the Retrorides gathering at Prescott Hill Climb near Cheltenham.  For the petrolheads reading, the pictures are HERE.   I walked too far and I am very tired now, but it was worth it.

Anyway, I called this post It's Working, so why?  Well as I was walking up Prescott hill enjoying the sound of the 12 cylinder, 24 Litre Napier Bentley I noticed my hair and beard starting to fall out.  My T shirt was covered in grey beard hair and when I wiped the sweat from my head I got a handful of hair (stop laughing, I still have hair round the edge, or had at least).  So that means the chemotherapy is doing what it should be doing, my white blood cell count dropped during the cycle, my hair is falling out, lets hope it is killing off all the cancer cells too.

Picture of the day has to be this one of the Napier-Bentley getting off the line.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

This could be the end of the world!


How will I survive 3 days in hospital without my Blackberry??  Fortunately the BT WiFi works well, so I will have to resort to the Netbook and WiFi.  The blackberry keeps popping up a blank white screen, started occasionally a couple of days ago, but now it is every time I do anything.  How do they design them so that they break just after your Orange upgrade is due?   I have been on to orange today and a shiny new Blackberry 9360 will be with me on Thursday, at no charge and on the same terms as my existing contract except I loose my 300 loyalty minutes that I knew I would loose anyway, they already tried to take them away once.

Anyway, fairly quiet day today, spent a while on the Orange website looking at options and then did the upgrade, other than that I have been out with Lauren this morning and done very little this afternoon.  Planning to have a day out tomorrow before I am back in for a big dose of Chemo on Monday.  Not looking forward to 3 days of hospital food, will take some of my own supplies with me this time.  Do you think it will be OK to take a CampingGaz cooker and some saucepans? 

Friday, 17 August 2012

How do apointment systems work???

Arrived at The Churchill at 12:35 for a 12:40 appointment.  The consultant was running 40 to 60 minutes late.  However, they can give you a buzzer so you can go away and they buzz you just before your appointment.  So we took the buzzer and went to get some lunch.  Picked up a sandwich and got in the queue when the buzzer started to go, it was 12:40.  So we put the sandwiches back and went back to the waiting area, we sat down, waited 20 minutes and my name was called at 13:10.  Admittedly we didn't get to see Prof Hassan, just one of his team, but how the hell do the appointment systems work??????

Anyway, the doctor seemed to think everything is going OK.  They will probably cut back on my favourite, Vinchristine, as the tingling in my fingers is caused by it and doesn't go away after the treatment ends.  I asked if it was working and got one of those tactful and diplomatic answers that said we won't know for a couple of years.  The treatment is killing off my white blood cells like it is supposed to, so its doing what it should be.  

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bit of a mooch

Feeling almost normal today. Got the predicted tingling in the tips of my fingers and thumbs and my finger nails are weird, but other than that, all is good.

So we are making the most of it with a mooch round Stratford on Avon. Appointment with my consultant tomorrow and then 3 days in hospital next week for cycle 2 to start.
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I know, you thought I'd given up.......

No, just havent got round to writing anything since my trip to see Vinchristine the Chemo Queen on Monday.  But a lot has happened.

Whilst with Christine the nurse asked if I had had any infections in the previous week, I mentioned the stinking cold I have had.  The nurse said I should see my GP.  So I emailed my GP and asked if a miracle cure for colds had been invented since I last went to see a doctor about a cold or if I would be wasting her and my time going to see her.  She replied by phone on Tuesday, encouraging me to go and see her or one of her colleagues asap.  So I booked an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. 

Saw Dr Amar, who was fantastic.  After a chat he said he really wanted me to have some blood tests so he could check my white blood cell count, evidently if it is too low a cold quickly becomes very serious.  So after establishing that blood from the PICC line in my arm was a job for the district nurse and wouldn't happen until the next day, he got out the needle and took it himself, put it in the sample envelope and I dropped it off at the path labs at the Horton Hospital on my way home.  He then rang me at 9:00 pm to tell me everything was OK!   I say, that is well beyond the call of duty and another great example of the NHS being full of fantastic people doing the best they can with the resources they have available.  OK, I'm sure, that like any large organisation there are slackers and malingerers, but I haven't met any yet.

fairly quiet day today, took a trip to Jobcentreplus to get a verified copy of my birth certificate to send off to the Dept of Work and Pensions for my ESA claim.  That was fairly painless too, couldn't possibly tell you what the lady in front of me produced from her handbag whilst looking for her passport, but do remember to ask if you see me in person.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Off to see VinChristine

Well I was pretty good Sunday. Went out for a few hours to watch a friend race his grasstrack sidecar outfit. Confirmed he is raving bonkers.

Off down to The Churchill to be topped up with Chemo drugs. Sharon is off work, we should have been on holiday. Last weeks top up was fine, but I guess its a cumulative process. I'll let you know.
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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gold Medal

The girls had a great time at the Olympics and they bought me home a Gold Medal.
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fending for myself

The girls (and Ian) are off to the Olympics again today, so I am fending for myself. Have just put chicken and chorizo with potatoes and veg in the oven. Really fancy a nice glass of fruity cheap spanish red with it. Nobody has said I am not allowed alcohol, but if I open the bottle I won't be able to have just one glass. Is drinking on my own sad, if I do it with a meal?

Have managed to stay awake all day today, but I haven't done much other than browse the web and watch telly. Easyrider is on Dave at 9:00 pm. It's one of my favourite films but I am sure it won't be the same as it was in the late night shows at The Arts Cinema Cambridge in the late 1970s. Might record it and watch it in the afternoon during the week. Mind you, the Olympics will be over, so Jeremy Kyle and Bargain Hunt will be back.
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Friday, 10 August 2012

Really weird this Chemo.

I was up bright and early on a glorious sunny day.  Next door's chickens set of  an alarm cluck about 6:30 am.  Got a txt from Martine saying they were on their way to the ferry in Poole and would call in for coffee about 9:00, so I showered and got going.

Was great to see Martine, Chris and Frazer.  Martine had Lymphoma a while ago and has been through the whole, operation, chemo, radiotherapy thing.  Her kickass attitude to it all is inspring and just what I needed this morning.  Which set me off at full pelt.  Soon after they left, the District nurse turned up to take blood and change the dressing on my PICC line.  Very efficient, nice girl.  She is coming every Friday now, so Monday it is VinChristine and Friday will be The District Nurse.  Whilst the District Nurse was here the postman delivered my iPod back with its new battery and the new speakers for my Polo.

Set too with a plan to fit the speakers, went to Maplin for some connectors, popped across to fill up my Mum's pill box for the week and popped into Sainsbury's  to pick up the headphones I bought for £7.99 from Sainsbury's online, delivered to the store free.  Same headphones are £15.99 on the shelf in Sainsbury's?

Got home and spent an hour cutting cable and fitting the speakers.  Then drove to Chipping Norton to deliver Rob's birthday card (forgot to tell you I bought a card in Sainsbury's too).   On the way back from Chippy one of the speakers ceased to function, is no longer a speaker, is dead.  Came back into the house and switched on a computer to email the supplier.  Then I felt very tired, went and laid down on the bed and have just woken up after 2 hours sleep.

I thought I had hit the good bit.  I thought I was going to last all day.  Then it just hit me, like a sleep wall.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Busy day.

The effects of the Vinchristine seem to have worn off today. I haven't needed a nap.

Lauren and I popped out this afternoon to The Pig Place out at Nell Bridge. I wanted to do something and to drive a bit, but I didn't want to overdo it. So it was ideal. 15 minutes in the car, a pleasant walk by the canal, an ice cream and a chat with the proprietor about his classic cars. He used to own a Skoda Estelle!

The Macmillan nurse came to see us all at lunch time, seems like a nice person and can offer some useful support with all sorts of things. The customer care consultant in me says "oh no, another point of contact", but they are all doing the best they can with the resources they have available. I suppose things could be a lot worse, the NHS could have outsourced care to a call centre in Asia somewhere.

I have cooked tea two days running, so I can't be off my food. If anything, I am eating like a horse. Yesterday it was Sausage Pasta Bake and today it was Turkey and Ham with roasted veg in a white wine and cheddar sauce. Impressive eh?

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Flowers in the garden

Growing in a field of wheat they would be weeds.  Here they are flowers.

Catching up

Well I left answerphone messages at the Day Treatment Unit and The District Nurse before 8:45 am.  Both got back to me around just before 10:00.  The appointment has been made for Friday morning, the nurse at the DTU just forgot to ring me and tell me.  So everyone knew except me.

The cold and cough are still with me, wish it would go.  The constant runny nose and coughing are beginning to get to me.  All those that think I should ring the triage nurse and ask what to do, comment here.  My temperature is stable, so I reckon they will just say tough, its a cold.

Had a great phone chat with Andy C, good to catch up on his news and talk to someone who has been here and done it.  Must be close to 10 years since I last saw Andy, good times.  Also had an email from Chris Stone, haven't heard from him for 4 years or so.  He has exited the rat race and is living in a field in Derbyshire.  Sounds idyllic except for the 8" of snow.  Happiness is so much more than money.  

Think I might walk down the garden and take a picture of the wild flower meadow to post on here later.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Had a couple of hours kip on the sofa this afternoon as well as a lie in.  Woke up very worried in case I had missed the phone call I was promised yesterday from the day care unit and the district nurse, haven't missed either as far as I can tell.

Yesterday a nurse in the day care unit promised to contact the district nurse for me and let me know that she had done it first thing this morning.  I need blood taking on Friday before the next dose of chemo on Monday.  The doctor's surgery can only do that by sticking a needle in me, the district nurse is trained to use the PICC line I have inserted in my arm. That makes it easier for all.  However, the nurse that promised to do it, didn't have the demeanor of a person who would do it, if you know what I mean, so I guess I spend some time on the phone in the morning chasing it up.

How do they make health and safety work in hospitals?  I don't want to get all health and safety conscious, but I am intrigued.  Every large organisation I have visited for work in the past couple of years is expected to know who is in the building and where they are.  I have been given visitor badges with evacuation instructions and asked to sign papers that document my knowledge of safe working.  I have been in four different hospitals in the past couple of months and never been required to do anything of the sort!  What happens in the hospital when there is a fire?  Simple stuff, like where the loo is has never been explained to me let alone what to do in case of fire.  Are they exempt?  Any readers know?

Not a good night

My body was determined to get rid of Vinchritine, so several trips to the bathroom to empty my bladder. Add to that the rash foolery of two cups of caffeinated Coffee yesterday and I have not had much sleep.
Lack of sleep wouldn't worry me too much under normal circumstances, but combined with my reduced immune system, it scares me at the moment. So, nothing for it but a bit of a lie in I think. Not expecting to go back to sleep, but a bit of a doze would be good. Throat is still sore and nose is running.
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Monday, 6 August 2012

Affair with Vinchristine.

Been in for my afternoon rendezvous with Vinchristine the Chemo Queen. All seems to have gone well at the moment. Going home with Frances for tea.
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Integrated blogging

Have just spent a while trying to work out if I can automate the twitter and facebook notifications for this blog. I am using twitterfeed and the #fb tag. Hopefully it will go to Linked in as well. Let's see.
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Left alone today

Lauren, Sharon and Ian have gone to the Olympics today. I never planned to go, I was at Munich in 1972. They seem to have arrived.
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

That was the weekend

Friday was a bad start.  Sore throat, Sharon wanted to stay at home and nurse me and I sent her to work and the steroids were kicking me into depression mode.  But I fought, with help!  First people to thank are Charlotte and Amy, who work with Sharon.  They looked after her at work and supplied an M&S Chinese in a box for us to have for tea.  A picture of us eating may appear somewhere in the blog, but I have never mastered how blogger puts its pictures in.  Seems to have stuck it on the left.  Thank you very much Charlotte and Amy, great start to the weekend

As I have already said, went out in the car Saturday and the day was fairly normal.  Sunday revealed that I have a really sore patch on the skin at the top of my right leg, still got the bad throat and only had about 4 hours sleep.  Up at 6:00 am so Sharon and my sisters dogs could carry on sleeping in the bedroom without me disturbing them, lets see if I can get the dogs in as well.  There, a picture of Maisie and Mist who we have been dog sitting for the weekend.  Quite frustrating as I wanted to play with them, but had been cautioned to stay away from animals to avoid infection.

Went out this morning with Lauren and Ian, to Bicester Avenue Shopping centre.  Don't worry, I havent taken up shopping as a leisure activity, the MG Car Club Abingdon Centre had a display of cars there, some very nice metal out in the rain.  The lack of sleep and excursion to the shops really took it out of me and I slept through most of the Andy Murray gold medal game.  I am getting a bit Olympiced out, not much else on the telly, so normality is difficult to maintain when all you can watch is sport.  Must have a look round on the digibox in the morning and find Jeremy Kyle before I ring the Department of Work and Pensions to clam my ESA.

Back in for more Vinchristine chemotherapy tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Just realised

I haven't posted an update today. Just self administered my Ratiograstim injection. 3rd one I have done, getting a bit cocky, did it too quick and it stung like hell. They did warn me to squeeze gently.

Just had some great help and advice from the triage nurse on oncology. I was confused by the pharmacy instructions on the anti-sickness drugs. She has clarified everything and told me to practice excellent oral hygiene to get rid of the sore throat.

Popped out to see my mum and browse a couple of car hi fi shops. Looking for 3.5" speakers to pop in the Polobanger dash. Have acquired a fabulous Sony head unit but my speakers are 18 years old and knackered. Don't want to cut the door panels or parcel shelf, so looking for 3.5"s that will fit.

Reason for telling you that drivvle, it's normality, saturday afternoon shopping. Normality is good. First time I have been out on my own in the car since last Sunday. I like normality, it feels good.
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Not good this morning

Sore throat, bit clamy. Have spoken to Triage nurse, John.

Graham explained symptoms, John said "What mouthwash were you sent home with?"
Graham "None"
John "Get some Difflam from your local pharmacy"

Trip to Sainsbury's, Difflam applied, now off to have blood taken.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Daily Dose

This is my morning dose of blood pressure and anti sickness drugs. Think I slept about 6 hours but was wide awake about 5:30 am. So in the shower 6:45 and breakfast 7:30. Having blood taken today and blood pressure checked again. Got a bit of a sore throat, cough and snuffles. Keeping an eye on temperature just in case.

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I had visitors

Laurens boyfriend and my nephew came to visit me this evening. Ian read my performance volkswagen and Elliot read Enjoying MG.

Other than that I have been to the doctors to have my blood pressure tested and it is coming back down to normal, I have eaten two square meals and I feel pretty good.

Let's hope it stays like that.

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Fashion, fetish or function?

What I have to wear over the PICC line to shower.
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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I'm on my way home

Cycle one over, will update in more detail in the morning. Feeling pretty good considering I have been poisoned for 3 days and 2 nights.
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Well I have just been through the google adsense signup process, fairly painless, but it will be a week before the ads start and the money rolls in.  Of course, the money will only roll in if people come in for a look as payment is based on traffic and click thru.  I will do all I can to make it interesting for you, come back for a look when you can.  If I started a justgiving page would anybody just make a donation??????
Well it wasn't a great night, think I had about 2 hours sleep and 4 hours of dozing.  Had just got into a good deep sleep when I was woken up for breakfast.  Woke up with such a shock that I nearly pulled the pipes out the drip.  The elderly gent in the bed opposite decided he needed to shave at about 2:00 am and carried on using his electric razor until 3:00.  He was on a quest to get up early I suppose. 

Onto my last 2 drip bags now, sodium chloride and potassium.  Went up at 8:30 am and will last 12 hours, so if all goes well I will be back in my own bed tonight!  Going to ge ton and sign up to adsense now, see if we can get this blog to generate some money.